Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Naw, We Don't Need New Infrastructre OR Economic Relief!

I'm on vacation at the moment, but something caught my eye in a cafe this morning (where I got shit for carrying a leather bag. From someone who was serving dairy to myriad customers, but whatevs).

At a meeting of the National Governors Association, Bush essentially shot down a plan for "major road and bridge projects as a way to create jobs and foster economic development."

Good thinking, President Bush! It's not like that helped the last time our economy was bruised and flagging.

(It did. FDR pushed such programs via the Public Works Administration. National Parks, roads, bridges didn't come from nowhere.)

And it's not like we really need to take a look at the nation's infrastructure.

(Remember how that pipe burst in the middle of Manhattan? How about how our energy providers are doing in low-income neighborhoods? How about that bridge that collapsed?)

I think we should wait around to see if the President's Stimulus Package works.

("They say you get the government you deserve. The thing is, I don't remember knife-raping any retarded nuns.")

Ok, back to vacation! Enjoy the last weeks of our money being slightly better than Monopoly cash!

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patrick said...

Knife-raping retarded nuns.