Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super-Duper Tuesday Videos!!! I Went To Jersey!!

(Thanks for the photo Ian.)

So the good people over at Glamour.com and their political blog Glamocracy were kind enough to invite me to do Super Tuesday video for them. Here's what me and my good friend, Carrie Cheek (camera woman/editor/mix maxter/bike gang leader) came up with. For a good laugh, check out what Glamocracy's conservative blogger Amanda Carpenter has to say about it all. She finds vaginas "offensive." I find them with a small mirror.

Here's my time with women in Brooklyn and the Upper West Side. Keep your eyes peeled for the Ron Paul dude on roller blades.


Here's my interview with Meghan McCain, young "hip" daughter of John. At some point her Grandmother gets fiesty on the Straight Talk Express. It's sort of awesome.

And my favorite person I talked to all day: The Free Hug Girl. She told me she was doing it because she saw a YouTube video where someone else did it, and it "made her cry" she thought it was so beautiful.

Happy Super Tuesday everyone!!!


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