Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Go Read This Thing: Locked Up Vanity Fair Intern

Many moons ago, near Yesteryear, in my salad days, I was once a Vanity Fair intern. I worked there for two (count them!) years and was eventually called an "Editorial Research Assistant." Really, I was perma-lancer who got to occasionally do some secondary reporting.

The gig alternated between a lot of fun and gouge-my-eyes-out-with-a-dull-spoon levels of frustration, but I learned a lot and made good friends who are still around to watch me mess things up and laugh at me.

(Honestly, it wasn't that long ago. If they were my salad days, I guess I'm in my Nutritious Side Dish days.)

Anyway! As a nice little visit to old stomping grounds, I interviewed current VF.com intern Thomas Kaplan, who is in the middle of a little bizarre project -- something I was never forced to do, that's for sure.

But what he's doing doesn't beat the time I had to--

On second thought, I'll keep that one to myself.

You can read my interview with the impressive Mr. Kaplan over at the Awl (while you watch him via the internets!)