Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Lower Ninth Ward, Four Years Later

The Lower Ninth Ward 4 Years Later (EA Hanks & Jonah Evans) from EA Hanks on Vimeo.

Oh, hello old blog! Did you know you're less of a pain in the ass than my new blog? So I am throwing some attention back at you, like a guy who left you but then... maybe, sort of, regrets it? So he hooks up with you again, but maybe only a little making out, and then makes up his mind and then REALLY leaves you?


I was really blessed to be able to go New Orleans over the weekend, and while I was thrilled to spend some time with some amazing World War II veterans, I'm also grateful that I got to spend time in New Orleans away from the madness that comes along with Hanks Cola -- that is, with good friends who showed me their new home.

Jonah Evans, who you might remember from earlier in this blog, showed off his beloved new hometown, and since we were wandering around the Lower Ninth Ward, I thought I would take a chance and start filming.

Please forgive the general lack in quality in regards to: the audio, the visuals, the editing, my hair.

There's more to come of Jonah talking further about the need to save Charity Hospital.