Thursday, March 03, 2011

An IMtimate Conversation With: Moustache Man

Oh, hey. So, remember me? I sorta of run this blog. Because it's been so long, I'm changing the name of this feature, and trying to get back on the whole scene with this new thing called "blogging." It's like a longer version of tweeting or something. I've heard it's the new rage -- all the kids will be doing it soon.

ANYWAY. So I'm changing the name of the feature, and I'm kicking things off with this conversation with Mr. Mustache. Who is that? Well, he's a man who makes moustaches. As you can see by clicking on the above photo, which was original posted on here. (Please observe the shout out to me on Mr. Efron's face.) Read on to hear more about running from the cops, guerilla art posing as Oscar-nominated films (kinda? sorta? maybe?) and being Keith Richards' daughter.

EA: First off, I usually ask people "What is your name, and what do you do," but you're my second interviewee who needs to remain anonymous -- so I'll ask, how are you known, and what are you known for?

Moustache Man: I'm known as Moustache Man, although people call me a lot of different things- the Moustache Madcap, Moustache Bandit, Moustache Artist, or just Moustache. I write "moustache" where moustaches should go on posters, mostly in the subway, but also on the street, on buses. If there's an ad that needs a moustache, I'm there.

(One of Moustache Man's favorites taken by Jon Gorga. Who is not Moustache Man!)

EA: So you haven't given yourself this name, people have just started calling your variants thereof?

MM: I gave myself the name Moustache Man. The other names came from people who put up stuff about my moustaches on the web.