Friday, February 17, 2012

Hanksy Outtake: Conversation with Krause Gallery Owner, Benjamin Krause

While I was interviewing the person known as Hanksy, (which you can read here) I also interviewed Krause Gallery owner, Benjamin Krause who helped put together Hanksy's first real show. I wanted the majority of the piece at The Awl to be focused on Hanksy, but Mr. Krause's answers are pretty interesting. Please to enjoy these outtakes? 

EA: How did you first hear about Hanksy? When did you think that a proper show was in order?

BK: I saw his work around the city and on the internet -- it's hilarious and fun.  I told my associate director to find him thinking, "Yeah, right..." but he's young and out there, you never know)  By pure chance he was at a bar and saw a guy passing out Hanksy stickers.  He asked him "Where did you get those?" and gave him his card showing he was with my gallery.  The guy hesitantly directed him to someone else where he asked the same question and gave him his card.  The guy (who ended up being Hanksy) said  "Sure I know him, here's his email."  We emailed this Tom Hanksy and set up a meeting.