Monday, April 29, 2013

Sticker Price

There's a sort of car window decal that is very popular here in Los Angeles. For every member of a family, there's a little stick figure -- a dad, a mom, some kids, a baby sometimes, occasionally a pet. Some of them have family member's names under their cartoon avatar.

Maybe it's just my twisted way of thinking, or maybe it's because I've lost family members, but every time I see one of these decals, almost always on the back of a beat up minivan, I wonder what the family would do if someone died.

Would it be more painful to pick a day to go out to the driveway with an old knife and scrape away a smiling stick figure, or to try to ignore it every time you put away groceries and loaded up the bikes?

How sad it would be after so many months, when you're sleeping again, and food has taste again and you're thinking about maybe going to that movie you meant to see, to have that dumb sticker remind you that they're gone. And how sad it would be to realize that you'd started to not notice their absence.