Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Further Thoughts On Chris D'Arienzo and O.P.P.

When Buzzfeed came to me asking if I had any ideas for them, I immediately pitched them a running series of interviews with creative people on their processes.

Like the Post Project, one of the ways I've been hacking away at The Horrible It is to really luxuriate in the concept of process. In my mind, process is the infrastructure on which you build discipline. Young artists look for a voice, professional artists look for their process.

Now it seems obvious to me that The Horrible It was inevitable: I was given a time frame in which to execute something and I started with absolutely no process. I had no tools. I was done before I even started.

So now that I have a sense of what my process is, I am endless fascinated by other people's process. (O.P.P., if you will.)

Talking with Chris, the creator of the Broadway hit Rock of Ages, I was really struck by how quick he was to laugh and how obviously happy he is.

When he described to me how he was shut out of the film adaptation of the project, it was clear that while he wasn't short-changing how upsetting and frustrating that experience was at the time, he had reached a place where it was the creative process that mattered more to him than anything else: he just wants to make art. I think it's that clarity of vision and the valuing of process over product that gives Chris his zen-like joy in creativity. I admire it and him.

You can read my interview with Chris here