Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Over on that site thing, I have put together a playlist of some songs I have been listening to an awful lot this spring. Here are some silly nothings in regards to said songs.

1. "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" - Neutral Milk Hotel 

This song reminds me of Vassar and my lovely freshman year roommate,  now accomplished poet Elizabeth Gross. She put this song a mix she made for me, "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes," and I was reminded of it when my internet absolutely lost its marbles when this band announced it would be reuniting soon enough. But, really, "And one day we will die / and our ashes will fly/ from an areoplane over the sky / But for now we are young/ Let us lay in the sun/ and count all the beautiful things we can see."  I mean... 

2. "Holy" - Frightened Rabbit 
I like any song where I'm fairly sure there's a Hamlet joke. 

3. "If It Makes You Happy" - Screaming Females
I found this while re-watching the fabulous Ted Leo and the Pharmacists cover of Tears for Fears. First off, I love the original Crow song, but Marissa Paternoster's full-on mastery of the guitar and truly awesome vocals make a great song even better. For more Screaming Females awesomeness (and some serious guitar shredding) watch this cover of "Because the Night," with Garbage. 

4. "It's Not My Party" - Diamond Rings
An alchemical mixture of Vanilla Ice by way of Grace Jones with a voice that would make me do bad, bad things, I caught Diamond Rings opening for someone at the Troubador, and he was so hilarious and awesome I don't even remember who he was opening for. I love this song, and how tender and sad it is, especially, "We are grown up and that's good we're told / But when do grown-ups just become plain old?"  I highly suggest you purchase this record which, on the whole, is a fun mix of synthy-pop songs with smart lyrics and lovely melodies. 

5. "For the Roses" - Joni Mitchell
I always go back to Joni, especially since I moved back to Los Angeles. The other day I was driving through Malibu canyon and this song came on it stayed on for about 30 minutes. It was written about the time she checked out after the vulnerable and raw "Blue" record, and moved up to bumble-nowhere Canada with no electricity, and each time I hear it, I think about what it costs when you give up pounds of flesh for free. 

6. "The Lengths" - The Black Keys
"I felt you leaving / Before you'd even gone." 

7. "After the Glitter Fades" - Stevie Nicks
A lap steel guitar and Stevie? I'm in. The Fleetwood Mafia is another band that I feel a closer bond with since returning to southern California. This song is so sad, and a little woe-is-me, but I guess sometimes I can empathize with "the only life I've ever known." 

8. "Flame Throwa" - Pavement
How is one song so damn catchy and completely alienating at the same time? I don't know, but damnit, I like it. 

9. "Psalms" - Heliotropes
Oh man, I feel strongly that someone could confuse me for being way cooler than I am, simply because I know the drummer for this awesome band. They played some sort of schmancy SXSW showcase this year, popped up in RollingStone and I am super stoked for their forthcoming album, "A Constant Sea" and inevitable world domination. Also, look at Cici play those drums! PS: You can download this rocking tune by clicking on that RollingStone link!

10. "Sacrilege" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
All hail Karen O, now and forever, Amen. 

11. "Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod" - Mountain Goats
A very large chunk of this song is very familiar to me, almost to the point of muscle memory and I listen to it whenever I feel like I'm forgetting.

12. "Islands in the Stream" - Constantines and Feist 
I guess I just love an anachronistic cover? 

13. "Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It" - Stars
Note to self! 

14. "Wicked Game" - Widowspeak
 S'really good, right?